Lumix G9 Shooting Specs and Features

Lumix G9 Shooting Specs and features


Panasonic-Lumix-G9- Spec, and features.

Today Panasonic revealed the Lumix G9 shooting Specs and features and the actual release date of January 2018, the first camera from the company to deliberately target stills photographers rather than video shooters.
With just a short lifetime on the market so far Panasonic’s Lumix G9 already reflecting its qualities, because honestly, the features on this camera reflect that is a serious Micro Four Thirds mirrorless camera with high-end features. Panasonic says it achieves the highest-ever image quality in photo shooting by elevating resolution, gradation and color reproduction

The main Focus of this article is to highlight the TOP 10 Shooting Features and Specs are listed below:
1 ) One of the Lumix G9  specs that are highlighted and improved is the in-body stabilization system which can now compensate down to 6.5 stops.

2 ) The camera to achieve ultra-high-speed focusing of approximately 0.04 seconds and improved subject tracking.

3 ) The Lumix G9 is excel when it comes to burst shooting,  the specifications that the mechanical shutter contains helps the camera achieve shooting at 9fps in C-AF or 12fps in S-AF whereas, with the electronic shutter, speeds of 20fps in C-AF or 60fps in S-AF are possible.

4 ) One of the new AF-related features includes Deep Learning technology that detects a human body in addition to face and eye detection and AF Point Scope that magnifies distant subjects to capture them in focus.

5 ) Make no mistake that this baby can shoot in 4K at up to 60fps with a maximum bit rate of 150Mbps, as well as slow motion video up to 60fps in 4K / 180fps in Full HD. Similar to the GH5, it offers 4K and 6K Photo options that allow you to extract 8MP and 18MP JPGs respectively from video footage shot in-camera.

6 ) The 80MP High-Resolution Mode. Interesting enough the G9 can use a High-Resolution Mode to capture and compile eight separate images to create a single 80MP raw file. This system creates a more highly detailed and color accurate image than a single shot alone can produce and can create an image with a 10368 x 7776 resolution.

7 ) A Night Mode will automatically adjust the brightness of the EVF and LCD for comfortable viewing in low-light conditions, this will make a very attractive feature for those blogger and traveler that take landscape pictures at night.

8 ) The Dual I.S. 2  technology has achieved the utmost sharpness when photographing handheld, Dual I.S. 2 combines the G9’s sensor-shift image stabilization technology with lens-based image stabilization to compensate for a broader range of movement types to render sharper, clearer imagery. Dual I.S. 2 requires the use of compatible Lumix lenses featuring O.I.S. This stabilization system is able to compensate for approximately six stops of camera shake.

9 ) The Panasonic Lumix DC-G9 has a pixel density of 9.03. This tells you the distance from the center of one pixel (photosite) to the next. These numbers are important in terms of assessing the overall quality of these digital cameras. Generally, the bigger (and newer) the sensor, the better the camera.

10)  Last but not least, One of the cool features this Lumix model has is the Post Focus. Post Focus allows you to take a photo and then choose your focal point later.  you can shoot with confidence knowing that you can always change the focal point your photo was out of focus making this one of the most exclusive features of the Panasonic Lumix G9.

I hope this review has brought more clarity to your understanding of the G9 shooting specs and highlighted features.
As of today, you can find this product in much online retail stores like Amazon and the official Panasonic site.

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